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Recruitment Services


In a business world of uncertainty and mounting performance pressure, organisations face significant challenges. In such an environment your business needs a team who take initiative, possess resilience, hit the ground running, possess true passion and who have the capability to realise and sustain high performance.  Knowing that a Top Talent employee delivers 4 times more value than the standard employee, means that those companies who engage with the highest quality recruiters who can find the highest quality talent, will be four times more successful than their competitors.   Knowing what makes a Top Talent candidate tick is the most important aspect of being a quality recruiter.

Recruitment Expertise

The recruitment industry is a playground for short-term recruiters.  This means that recruitment processes used by standard recruiters is basic.  At Top Talent. you can expect your role to be handled by a career recruitment expert who is not only an exceptional recruiter, by someone who knows the market inside and out.  Recruitment is won and lost at the interview stage.  Unless the recruiter knows how to adequately engage talent and to identify cultural and career matches through sophisticated questioning techniques, many amazing candidates are lost.   Great recruiters deliver exceptional shortlists because of their ability to attract, engage and manage exceptional candidates through the full recruitment process.

Customised Sourcing Strategies

When working with clients on talent projects, all sourcing approaches should be considered and they should always be multi dimensional.  Each role requires a unique and tailored sourcing strategy depending on the job level,  company requirements and market momentum.   These decisions are not taken lightly and the decisions made are underpinned by the knowledge and experience of our talent experts.

Our Reputation

As a specialist recruitment agency we are only as good as our last placement, and our reputation for consistently delivering quality permanent talent is testament to our tried and tested sourcing process.  We have a 95% first time fill rate and furthermore, over 90 % of our placed talent remain in the company for over 12 months.

At Top Talent we know that if the candidates we place thrive, we thrive. If they find their true passion and purpose, not only will we have played a significant role in shaping their future, but they will inevitably contribute in a significant manner to the future of the organisations where they are engaged.